Hauling & Demolition Services

With a strong, & growing fleet, we are able to provide hauling and delivery services for our customers.  Our commercial customers should feel confident, knowing we offer the most competitive hourly rates in the triad.  However with economic activity growing throughout much of central North Carolina, we do travel beyond our home area of the Triad.  We take pride in doing things in the most economical, and productive way possible.

We offer dump trucks-with hauling capacities of 18-22.5 tons, both steel and aluminum beds for various applications.  Hauling sandrock, stone, dirt, gravel, and even ground shingles.  Demolition has always been a way of life for us here at A-1 Sandrock, so we are available to do demolition hauls as well.  Site work is simplified with our hauling division, we provide hourly, per ton, and per job basis quoting.  So no matter how you figure your numbers and pricing.  We will fit right into budget as well.  Residential deliveries are a part of our daily routine as well.  Depending on the size of the driveway, and overhanging obstacles.  We may be able to get your driveway back to presentable condition.   

With various different tractor trailer set ups, we can assist you throughout your next big job!  We offer lowboy services for your heavy hauls to and from the job site.  Along with our 115 cubic yard walking floor demolition/transfer trailers.  With a payload of nearly 22 tons, this 48' long trailer can make quick work of any demo site for surprisingly reasonable rates.  And if your demolition debris contains to much concrete, or it’s not economically feasible to pick every little brick out.  We’ve added a steel dump trailer as well.  While the payload is slightly lower at 18 tons, you have no worries loading this industrial drop floor style trailer.  From stumps, to logs, and even concrete footers.  This trailer will hold up to the abuse and be back for one more.  

For quick delivery pricing, please use the box on the right side of this page to see what your next delivery could cost.

For bidding purposes please send all specs and needs for your job to the email listed below.

Please contact us for quotes, pricing, and availability for any of our services. If you would like a quote on an upcoming demolition project. Please email the scope of work needed, with the address included. 

Jason Tarkenton 
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