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Greensboro NC Mobile Crushing, Grinding, Screening.  C&D Landfill, Sandrock, ABC Stone, 57 Stone, Demolition, Recycling and Grading Materials

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     Grading Materials

Family-owned & operated C&D Landfill & Recycling center offering construction materials, mobile crushing, mobile grinding, mobile screening, and hauling services.  A-1 Sandrock provides a variety of high-quality grading & landscaping materials such as sand, stone, crushed concrete and mulch for the Greensboro, NC area.  Please click on the "Products" icon (to the right) to see more details.  We also offer mobile services such as crushing, grinding, screening, and demolition to the Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina areas.  Please click on the "Service" icon to see more details.

A-1 Sandrock, Inc provides services to the Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas with superior grading materials.  From our assorted list of construction products such as Mulch, Stone, grading materials, sand, we have everything to help you complete your project on time.

If you're in need of residential or commercial demolition, mobile stone processing, recycling or landfill services you're in luck!  A-1 Sandrock provides any of these (but not limited too) services in a timely fashion to help you get the ball rolling with your project.

We accept & dispose of Friable & Non-Friable Asbestos

Ready to tackle the to do list around your home or business?

ABC or 57 Stone and ready for pickup to tackle that bumpy driveway

Business owners stop staring at the avalanche of pallets we gladly recycle them

Low areas on the property? Sandrock is an excellent filling material

We are among the cheapest in the triad for disposal of construction & demolition waste with rates starting as low as thirty four dollars per ton for C&D disposal. Our sandrock quarry & landfill provide a variety of materials all competitively priced. With sandrock starting at six dollars per ton, and fill dirt at just three fifty per ton. Two of our top sellers are our ABC Stone, and our 57 Stone. Both crushed and screened for the purest of product here on site. We crush and screen all of our own materials so you pay no middle man for the same product. For a full list of prices for our many different materials please contact us at 336-855-8195 ext. 100 or by email 

Check out ARC-Recycling (Division of A-1 SandRock, Inc.) for all your container and recycling needs.

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A-1 Sandrock offers services for both residential and commercial settings.  To order one of our services use our Contact Page or give us a call to schedule an appointment/service date.


We offer Products in two categories:

If you currently know what you need, the products page will allow you to purchase and schedule delivery right here on our site!

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